Kittitas County Human Resources

Ellensburg , WA

Equipment Operator

Kittitas County Human Resources
Ellensburg, WA Full-time
Posted on March 23, 2019

Equipment Operator
Kittitas County
$25.02-$28.53 per hour.



The safe and responsible operation of: bulldozers, graders, loaders, backhoe, chip-spreader, dump trucks, lowboy trailer, belly dump, excavators, snow removal equipment, and similar equipment.

* Maintain all types of County road surfaces and right-of-way in accordance with the Kittitas County Road Standards through use of heavy equipment, light equipment and hand tools. Apply layers of gravel or asphalt mix to road surfaces. Manipulate the controls to correct the angle and depth of blade and speed of equipment. Perform snow and ice operations to include the preparation of the roadway for winter conditions, remove snow, apply sand, and/or deicing materials, and other duties as directed.
* Maintain road drainage ditches and culverts. Determine the appropriate amount of dirt to be removed from ditches for proper drainage. Repair and replace culverts as directed. Install rip rap material to prevent or repair washouts.
* Repair, widen, or replace concrete bridges. Install backwalls and deck slabs. Excavate, form, and pour footings from blueprints or verbal instructions. Repair deteriorated surface and patch approaches. Install guardrail as required. Maintain roads and intersections by removing visual obstructions.
* Perform vegetation management practice in the County right-of-way. Control and dispose of brush/trees that impact the right-of-way and/or clear zone. This may include the evaluation and application of chemicals for roadside vegetation management.
* Perform maintenance operations that control, eliminate, or reduce any roadside hazards within the right-of-way that may impact the traveling public.
* Identify potential hazards or roads that may require attention and/or repair, report to the Maintenance Manager and offer potential solutions.
* Coordinate scheduling of the following with Engineering: Maintenance, construction, and miscellaneous road right-of-way improvements, as well as approval of utilities or utility related activity within the road right-of-way.

The safe and responsible operation of Public Works equipment and utility vehicles

* Check equipment for safe operation before, during, and after use each day.
* Observe operation of equipment.
* Perform routine maintenance and cleaning of equipment.
* Inform supervisor of equipment problems. Maintain County road system
* Transfer materials for road project repairs (such as pipe, lumber, and fencing).
* Assist in installation and cleaning of culverts.
* Clean debris from drainage pipes and ditches (brush, grass, litter).
* Repair road surface, shoulders, and bridges (patching) using hand tools (shovels, rakes).
* Check road conditions.
* Inform supervisor of road maintenance problems.
* Assist other employees in performing maintenance activities.
* Record roads worked on, number of loads, and equipment used, fuel consumption, mileage and hours.
* Enter appropriate function numbers for work completed as required for accounting of time and specific functions.
* Perform routine maintenance and snow removal operations at other County facilities. Flagging, barricading, and traffic control under normal conditions and emergency situations
* Direct the flow of traffic in situations where traffic must be moved at given intervals.
* Inform and assist public in cases of emergency, such as washouts and accidents, using flares, signs, and flashers.
* Secure maintenance area with signs and cones for public safety.
* Transfer heavy equipment and materials with pilot vehicle.
* Set up safe work zone area in accordance with the M.U.T.C.D.


* Service and maintain heavy equipment; advise mechanics of problems.
* Perform minor breakdown repairs and assist mechanics with major repairs.
* Other duties as assigned.

This job description is a summary of the primary functions and expectations for this position. Additional department- related duties may be assigned as required.


* High School diploma or GED
* Valid Washington State driver's license WITH a class A CDL endorsement and no more than two (2) moving violations in the past two (2) years.
* Must acquire and maintain a valid Washington State flagger*s card and first aid certification within first six (6) months of employment.
* A criminal history and background check will be performed on qualified candidates. Convictions may preclude candidates from employment in certain circumstances. Factors such as relativity to the position age and time of the offense, seriousness and nature of the violation, and rehabilitation will be taken into account.